Children also get opportunities to join various hobbies through clubs as per their interest and aptitude. They participate in intra-section and inter-section competitions, class assemblies, annual days, celebrations and social awareness campaigns.





Students have different talents. They are able to excel in their God given talents provided they get timely guidance, support and a platform to develop and exhibit their talents. Keeping the same in mind the school has introduced various clubs like Science Club, Maths Club,  ECO Club, Literary Club, Computer Club, Sports Club, Music Club, Art & Drawing Club, and Dance & Yoga Club. The very intention of introducing various clubs is to nurture & foster particular talent/s found in students. As per the caliber & taste, each student can be the member of two to three clubs.


The scheme of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE), are conducted on a weekly basis. Formal test & Exams are introduced from classes III to XII.       







House system has been designed mainly to develop basic talents and skills in various fields and to arouse greater co-operation, competitive team spirit amongst the students. The students from classes III to XII are classified in four different houses. Each house is headed by one house master and two house captains. Participation in house activities is compulsory. Generally in every two year students are shuffled from their respective houses. Students are required to put on their respective house uniform on Wednesdays & Saturdays.





Divergence  Yellow

Allegiance – Red

Convergence – Green

Diligence – Blue






With a strong emphasis on holistic growth, HEBRO-TSAV provides a platform for the students to develop both life skills as well as values. It is an amalgamation of vibrant activities like cultural shows-singing & dancing competition (solo & group) in different variations (classical/ western/folk), one-act play, theme–based fancy dress competition, story-telling, extempore & skit for the senior wing etc. Appreciation ceremony (prize distribution) as an acknowledgement of the student’s talent in co-curriculum activities is also done in this occasion.


The very purpose of organizing HEBRO-TSAV is steeped in our stead fast focus to ensure mental and emotional well-being of our community of students and staff.







School excursions provide another dimension to class-based learning and helps reinforce what has been taught in the classroom. Students get to learn in a new environment with the teacher/ instructors. Children have the opportunity to learn about and see new things in a less structure environment. Students learning can be hands on or interest–driven & they may be excited to learn something from someone new.


Students get exposure to new experiences outside the classroom, they have the opportunity of being exposure to new experiences & observe new things that are not available at school, such as rare and exotic wildlife & plants, different cultures and visits to iconic buildings & areas, camping etc.


School excursion or tours enables children an opportunity to spend time with each other in a new environment, observing & learning new aspects in life & gain a thrilling experience.


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